Introducer Appointed Representative

If you want to promote financial spread betting/ CFD trading on your website, or introduce clients to us via your own contact list or marketing efforts, then becoming an Introducer Appointed Representative might be a suitable option for you.

An IAR is a representative appointed by a regulated firm whose scope of appointment is limited to: (a) effecting introductions and (b) distributing non real-time financial promotions.

What is the difference between a Marketing Agent and an Introducer Appointed Representative? The main difference comes down to the payment plan a partner wishes to receive when working with Core Spreads. Partners that wish to receive a share of spread are required to come under the Introducer Appointed Representative regulatory regime of the FCA. To be clear, Marketing Partners do not need IAR regulatory cover, only those seeking to be paid a share of spread.

Benefits of becoming an Introducer Appointed Representative:

  • Spread revenue share: continue to pursue the spread revenue share model under our IAR agreement
  • Legal: partners must become IARs if they wish to receive spread share, simple as that. Partnering with us ensures you are on a much firmer legal footing, clearing up any ambiguity around whether or not you need to be regulated to receive a share of spread from a broker
  • Regulation: regulatory permission extended from our FCA-regulated entity, FINSA Europe Ltd, to our partners
  • Marketing materials: access a full suite of marketing creative designed to promote Core Spreads and convert website viewers to trading clients
  • Dedicated reporting portal: login to our portal and access reports showing new sign up’s, trading activity, commissions owing etc.

If you would like to know more about Introducer Appointed Representatives and why this might be a suitable partner solution for you please click here