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Put simply, we believe partners in the financial spread betting & CFD industry deserve better. For far too long affiliates and partners have been receiving poor commission plans, little or no support, inadequate monthly reporting – the list goes on! The Core Spreads partner programme was launched to change that.

Our aim is to be the best partner in the spread betting & CFD industry, offering generous commission plans and excellent long-term value for the business you send our way.

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Partner Features

Generous Commission Plans: we offer a range of payment plans to suit all partners. Earn a CPA up to $700, CPC or CPM, or receive a share of spread revenue – ask us, we are flexible!

Dedicated Reporting Portal: login to our reporting portal and access reports showing new client sign up’s, trader transactions, spread revenue generated, commission owing, plus more. Absolute transparency – leads and commission calculations are tracked in real time!

Main Source of Clients: referrals from our partners are our main source of business. That makes you important to us! And because you’re important to us, we want to provide you with the best commission plan possible, as well as offer full support to maximise the partnership.

Full Marketing Support: every partner has a different client base which means a unique marketing approach should be taken to optimise the return from it. We have access to several marketing professionals to help you develop unique campaigns that will drive business for both of us.

Excellent Welcome Bonus Offer: we offer new clients an uncapped welcome bonus worth up to 50% of their first month’s spread (T&Cs apply). This is one the best offers in the industry and is designed to convert sign-ups to trading clients.

Generous Loyalty scheme: this rewards loyal traders that help us grow. Every time a client trades they earn Core Points. The level of Core Points at the end of a month determines the rebate % on spread traded in the next month. The higher your Core Points balance, the greater the rebate level.

Range of Partner Solutions: there are a number of ways to work with us. Click here for further details.

Knowledge Base: A dedicated area for news, articles and FAQs about affiliate regulation within the spread betting and CFD industry.


What does this all add up to? Probably the best deal you'll find in the market.
We make this simple promise: send us good traders and you will profit.